How would you restart your life with only
$50 and a one-way bus ticket?

This is what every returning citizen is given when they are released from prison. How can they rebuild their lives and create success with no support or job skills? This is an unrealistic expectation and why PEP exists today.

$4600 provides character development, leadership training, business education, and full reentry services to each of our participants.
PEP’s mission is to Transform Lives, Restore Families, and Rebuild Communities. With over 15 years of proven success, we have created a one of a kind formula that has changed thousands of lives. Your sponsorship helps PEP to not only sustain our reentry success but increase our ability to transform even more lives.

If you are unable to financially support PEP as a sponsor you can still help us by becoming a fundraiser and recruiting your friends, family, and colleagues on social media and in an email to sponsor our returning participants.