PEP Results

Our Main Focus

Provide participants with a comprehensive solution to re-entry in a structured environment of accountability. Once they are released from prison, we help our participants breakthrough these barriers, so they are left with no excuse to return to a life of crime.
Since 2004, PEP has produced the nation’s leading results in the prison rehabilitation industry by dramatically reducing return-to-prison rates while considerably increasing employment rates and business ownership. We are proud of the hard work and results our graduates have achieved.

In-Prison Activities

In prison, our participants go through a mini-MBA program while constantly having their character building reinforced through learning our 10 driving values and becoming a servant leader.

Post-Release Activities

Post-release, we focus on helping men overcome barriers to success as they find living-wage employment or launch a business while continuing to reinforce their character in our transition homes and eSchool classes.


PEP hosts a weekly “eSchool”–our 100 series is focused on life skills needed to succeed and is taught by executives, business owners, and university professors. Recently launched, our 200 series focused on our participants that want to become entrepreneurs and helping them build their businesses.
  • +3,300 graduates.​
  • 100% of graduates are
    employed within 90 days of release.​
  • Graduates average 20 days “from prison to paycheck”.​
  • Recidivism rates are consistently below 9% (compared to the Texas 3-year average of 21.4%).​
  • For those who live in our transitional homes and graduate from our post-release program, the rate drops to approximately 4%.
  • More than 500 businesses have been launched by PEP graduates.​

  • Nearly 100% of PEP graduates are still employed after 12 months (compared to a nearly 50% national unemployment rate among ex-offenders). ​

  • PEP graduates have a $12.63/hour average starting wage (68% above minimum. wage)​


Texas Governor’s Award for Criminal Justice Volunteer Service.

Rising Star Award from the Monitor Group/Fast Company Social Capitalist Awards.

Finalist in contests for the Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation and Ashoka Changemakers award.

Extensive media coverage.

Our Testimonials

“I got out December and a week and a half later I went to work. I’ve been doing just and I’ve just been pushing forward. I’ve been doing good. I’ve got a crew that I run, take care of them, treat them the same way that I want to be treated, don’t act any different, be a team member. I’m also starting my business that I’ve done my plan for in the inside, you know, I’ve got…, it’s on its way… I’ve got my business cards in, I’ve got some schooling to work on right now, I’m moving forward.”

Johnny R.
PEP Graduate.
“So, I stayed at the Caleb House nearly two years, I’ve been employed since then. I just started college; I’m pursuing my bachelor’s in psychology, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of PEP and of course my life caddie Mikey.”

Felipe C.
PEP Graduate.
“I graduated eSchool. I’ve been out 8 months; it’s going to be 9. I’m in college, my second semester for real estate. I started a job like a month ago, they already made me assistant manager. So, all the tools that you learn they are very effective only if you apply them right. Don’t give up, keep your head up!”

Joseph R.
PEP Graduate.
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