2021 has been a year of great innovation for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program.

We kicked off our new in-prison programming in February as the Sanders Estes Unit.

We introduced the second phase of our post-release education, eSchool 200 series, on September 1st in our Dallas office.

We have welcomed over 40 released participants to our O’Brien and Columbia transition houses in Dallas.

A North Texas Giving Day donation will support the growth of our new & improved in-prison program as well as provide our released participants with every resource they need to become successful second-chance citizens.

See how PEP has addressed racial equality and created economic mobility for over 16 years.

Hear first-hand accounts from recently released participants on how PEP walks with them along the whole reentry process and provides a 794% ROI* on your donation.

Find out how PEP has pivoted during COVID-19 and continues to transform lives, restore families and rebuild communities.

*5-year ROI as calculated by Harvard Initiative for a Competitive Inner City Initiative (ICIC) chaired by Professor Michael Porter based on results for a fully functional program with a substantial number of employee businesses and employed graduates of PEP contributing to this ROI.