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Don’t miss your opportunity to collide with PEP in 2022

The PEP Collider is not just a place, although we are designing and building a fun, engaging environment to foster collisions in Houston—it’s more of a series of events and interactions between participants and volunteers.

The PEP Collider can—and does—happen anywhere, at all levels.

Our Goal

Become even more purposeful about fostering transformational collisions between these two groups: participants and volunteers.

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Benefits of the PEP Collider

When our participants and volunteers collide in intentional engagement it creates:
The opportunities for these collisions are increasing by the day and you can make a lasting impact on our men.

An impact that is transformational.

A collision that restores families.

Direct contact that changes communities.

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In making an impact and learn how you can create a collision in 2022!

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