In 2021, PEP committed to the development of an innovative entrepreneurship experience in Houston. Branded as the PEP Collider, it will be the nation’s leading incubator and accelerator for returning citizens.  Housed at the 330,000 square foot East End Maker Hub, the PEP Collider is more than just a space.  It’s where PEP graduates will build bankable businesses integrating volunteer executive leaders with PEP entrepreneurs as catalysts for change.

PEP has already committed more than 50% of the forecasted development cost. We need your help to secure an additional $500,000 to complete the project this summer.  It’s an exciting opportunity to profoundly impact the lives of men as they transition from incarceration to innovation.

Since 2004, the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) has been a leader in interrupting this cycle of incarceration with innovative programs that transform men, their families and their communities.  Because when a man gets out of prison and stays out, that’s a win.  When his children do not continue an intergenerational cycle of incarceration, that is transformative. 

  • In their 18-year history, PEP boasts an average recidivism rate of 8%. (National average: 50+%)
    • Said another way, PEP is 92% effective at keeping men out of prison and repeat crime.
  • More than 600 businesses have been launched by their second-chance entrepreneurs.
    • Creating ~1700 jobs!
  • Character and entrepreneurial training translates into livable income and stable housing.
    • 100% of released graduates are employed within 90 days…for 11 straight years!
    • First job post-release in ~22 days, at an average of ~$14/hr. (Almost double minimum wage)
    • PEP grads earn ~$50K/year after three years, 90+% have stable housing!

The only problem with the above: they need to do this for more returning citizens.

The good news: they have plans to do more. They just need some help.