Empowering Innovation.  Releasing Potential.  Transforming Communities.

Our vision is to expand our community of accountability and encouragement until every inmate who is truly committed to change has the choice and the chance to reboot his life.  We strive to empower our men to move from being tax consumers to taxpayers; from gang leaders to servant leaders; and from felons to real fathers and even philanthropists.

We will build this robust community with an army of executive volunteers who share with us and our men a passion for education, mentoring and entrepreneurship.  Through their engagement, our volunteers will move from knowing the joy of success to experiencing great significance in their lives.


When a man gets out of prison and stays out, that’s a win.  When his children do not go to prison and continue an intergenerational cycle of incarceration, that is transformative.  

When a “free world” executive volunteer shares her expertise with an inmate, helping to build his intellectual and social capital, that’s a win.  When that volunteer recruits others and becomes a humble advocate for grace and second chances, that is transformative.

PEP aspires to be the facilitator and catalyst for these transformative processes that start in the heart, move through the head, and ultimately find expression in the hands and feet . . . indeed, the very lives . . . of our men and our volunteers.


According to the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center, “When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas . . .  Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.”

We believe that once we reach at least 10% of the 43,000 men that are released from the Texas prison system each year, not only will the PEP experience profoundly impact the lives of the men we serve directly, but their values and commitment to positive change will have a dramatic, positive effect on the prospects of all other inmates.

In ten years, by 2025, our goal is to be serving at least 4,300 men per year.  In addition, within that timeframe, we expect our entrepreneurial business enterprises to be employing significant numbers of PEP graduates and to be generating sufficient cash flow to cover at least 30% of PEP’s annual operating expenses.


We remain committed to serving those who want to launch a similar program in other states or countries, but with 150,000 men currently incarcerated in Texas, we believe the revolution needs to be focused and nurtured here.