Our PEP Partners ensure our participants have the tools needed for long-term success

PEP’s mission is to Transform Lives, Restore Families, and Rebuild Communities. Like any nonprofit, one of our primary challenges is unpredictable cash flow. The inability to predict revenues makes it challenging for us to pursue the tremendous number of opportunities that present themselves to us every day, but you can be a part of not only sustaining PEP but contributing to our growth as well. With over 15 years of proven success, we have created a one of a kind formula that has changed thousands of lives.
As a PEP Partner, you will play a critical role in ensuring our participants have access to the tools and support that they need to succeed.

We need new partners to join us in giving $25-$250 a month so that we can expand our services and reach more men this year. A $100 a month commitment covers the cost for us to provide character transformation for a participant inside of prison, and $250 a month ensures that a participant has a successful reentry into the community.  

If you are unable to financially support PEP as a Partner you can still help us by becoming a fundraiser and recruiting your friends, family, and colleagues on social media and in an email to sign-up as PEP Partners.