PEP Transition Coordinators pick up participants at the release gate the minute they are released from prison.  Approximately 65% of PEP graduates choose to live in one of five transition homes managed by PEP in Houston and Dallas.

Each PEP transition home enforces a zero-tolerance policy regarding drug and alcohol use and is managed by a PEP Transition Coordinator or PEP graduate.

In addition to transition housing, PEP provides extensive post-release services to its men, including transportation (to parole and food stamp offices, churches, drivers’ license offices, and job interviews), regular counseling and advice, a support network, social events and emergency financial assistance.  Moreover, participants have access to bus passes, phone cards, reduced-cost dental services, medical services and eye exams/glasses through partnerships with other service providers.

The goal is to provide participants with a comprehensive solution to re-entry in a structured environment of accountability. Once they are released from prison, these men are left with no excuse to return to a life of crime.