#PEPTalks (Pee Eee Pee Talks) are interviews with released PEP graduates allowing them to give a first-hand account of their journey since being released and how they are managing the reentry landscape. Hosted by PEP CEO Bryan Kelley, we invite 20-25 community partners to join us on a video call for the one-on-one interview and give them an opportunity to ask our guest graduates questions and encourage them in their journey.

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PEPTalks Episode 5 – Joey C.
August 2020

For PEPTalks Episode 5 we talk with Estes Winter ’17 Graduate Jose (Joey) C. about his story and how PEP has been addressing racial equality and empowering minorities for over 16 years by creating economic prosperity. Joey returned to prison for the 5th time in 2013 for two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and possession of a firearm by a felon. Joey was released in April 2019 and reentered society a completely transformed man. Joey candidly shares how he was once a top-level gang enforcer who was driven by his prejudice, and tells us how his heart was changed by PEP and now advocates for peace and unity.

PEPTalks Episode 4 – Rodney B.
July 2020

PEPTalks Episode 4 we talk with Cleveland Class 23 Graduate Rodney B. Rodney served 17 years on a 25-year sentence for conspiracy to commit capital murder. Rodney tells his story of how he persevered to get himself into the Prison Entrepreneurship Program because he recognized the power PEP had to transform his life.

PEPTalks Episode 3 – Jonathan D.
June 2020

For PEPTalks Episode 3 we talk with Estes Winter 2019 Graduate Jonathan D. Jonathan was released in April 2019 and tells us how an argument led to a 5-year prison sentence, which in turn led him to the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. Jonathan was selfish, power-hungry, and miserable before entering the PEP culture of love and unity. Now Jonathan is dedicated to helping his fellow PEP brothers with a heart full of joy and kindness.

PEPTalks Episode 2 – James M.
May 2020

For PEPTalks Episode 2 we talk with Estes Summer 2018 Graduate James M. James was released in May 2019 and tells us how he went from homeless, broken, and hopeless to creating a legacy filled with hope, encouragement, and hard work, highlighting the job that he got because of the great partnership between PEP and Benihana Dallas. Huge thanks to Meg Davis of The Visual Influence for creating all the artwork for our PEPTalks.

PEPTalks Episode 1 – Dante V.
April 2020

For our first-ever PEPTalks we sat down with Cleveland Fall 2019 Graduate Dante V. Dante was released in February 2020 and shares how he navigated and pivoted during COVID-19 to find success in life including an amazing opportunity with Tracom Training Command Career Academy