Create a FUNdraising page on behalf of PEP and share your own story of how PEP has affected your life! This exciting feature allows you to highlight PEP’s Reentry efforts in Dallas, and helps us reach our fundraising goal of $25,000.

To create a FUNdraising page follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a FUNdraising page for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program using the PEP FUNdraising Template or create your own page from scratch.

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Step 2: Use the editing tool on the left side to adjust your FUNdraiser Title, Goal, and Hero Image or Video. You can also scroll down on the left side to add a short story to tell your audience why this cause is important to you.

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Step 3: Once you hit “Save and Publish” or “Save as Draft”, you’ll navigate to the Neon Raise Login screen where you can create your profile (if this is your first time creating a FUNdraising Page for NTX Giving Day 2021). NOTE: This is a critical step that will save your fundraising page so you can access it again to make changes, track donations, etc. Even if you have an existing donor account, you will still need to create a Fundraiser account. Don’t skip this step!

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Step 4: Start promoting your FUNdraising page on social media to begin raising funds for PEP! Make sure you tag us in your posts!

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Need video instructions?

Need ideas on how to promote your FUNdraising page?

Click the button below to download a toolkit with sample posts and language that can be used on social media or in emails to your network!