Become a Mentor

Everyone who graduates from PEP and is released needs a man to walk with him and help him address issues that might come up in his business or personal life. This is the role of a mentor. This role is critically important, as our men value the input and expertise as well as the life experience of all of our executive volunteers.

The mentors who are committed and passionate about the men they serve can make an enormous difference in their lives.

The mentoring relationship can often begin while a man is still inside and meets an executive volunteer at one of the Business Plan events. Their relationship is established and then continues once the man is released from prison. Some mentoring relationships have also grown out of the men that serve as Business Plan Advisors.

Mentors will meet with their assigned graduate as often as they want. This is usually a weekly meeting—particularly in the first few months after a graduate is released from prison.

We all learn by example. Our participants need positive male role models to teach them the ropes. Sign up to invest time with a released participant. Your ROI will be infinite.

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