Double Your Impact in 2021

All Gifts are Matched Dollar-for-Dollar*

Prison day rooms all across the nation are filled with men who harbor unrealistic ideas of hope: delusional solutions that disintegrate and leave a man to his old, negative, often criminal solutions.

PEP quickly recognized that men in prison are creative, passionate and motivated, but they need guidance and direction from executive volunteers who can share their experience, success and wisdom to significantly change a man’s life.

When our participants and volunteers collide in intentional engagement;

  • It creates an impact that is transformational.
  • It fosters a collision that restores families.
  • It empowers direct contact that changes communities.

Our goal is to become even more purposeful about fostering transformational collisions between these two groups.

That’s why we are launching the PEP Collider. The PEP Collider is not just a place, although we are designing and building a fun, engaging environment to foster collisions in Houston—it’s more of a series of events and interactions. The PEP Collider can—and does—happen anywhere, at all levels.

The opportunities for these collisions are increasing by the day and *PEP has put together a dollar-for-dollar match up to $100,000.

PEP is prepared to kick-off 2022 with a bang, but we need your support as we grow to make a lasting impact on our men, their families, and the communities they thrive in.

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