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Please join us on Zoom to learn more about LACC, its impact on our participants, and to have the opportunity to adopt a PEP participant to write to.

What is Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy Correspondence Course is the starting point for the new men that are recruited into PEP, and it’s the very first stage of the program. They first write a eulogy, which is an opportunity for them to reflect on the life they have lived, and the life they want to live.

What are the Volunteer Requirements?

The requirement for the executive volunteer in the LACC is to write a letter to the new recruit welcoming them to PEP and congratulating them on making a choice to do something different with their lives. This letter is intended to be positive and encouraging. This requires one letter per participant per semester.

Who Should Participate in LACC?

There is no previous experience required. PEP is looking for volunteers who are kind and encouraging, and who understand the participants have not gone through any transformation yet.

Adoption Week Dates and Times

Wednesday, June 15th
11:30 – 12:00 PM

Thursday, June 16th
4:00 – 4:30 PM

*There will be different participants to adopt each day, so please feel free to attend multiple sessions in order to adopt multiple participants.

Register for Leadership Academy Adoption Week

June 15th & June 16th

    All times are CST