Create a collision that will make an impact on our participants, their families and the communities that they thrive in.

Our goal is to become more purposeful about fostering transformational collisions with PEP participants.

That’s why we are launching the PEP Collider. The PEP Collider is not just a place, although we are designing and building a fun, engaging environment to foster collisions in Houston—it’s more of a series of events and interactions. The PEP Collider can—and does—happen anywhere, at all levels.

The opportunities for these collisions are increasing by the day and you can make a lasting impact on our men.

Choose you level of impact:


Introduce PEP to potential candidates for recruitment


Promote character development as our men evaluate their past life


Guide PEP participants in leadership and business training


Empower participants as they develop business plans and life skills


Assist a man through his entire PEP journey of success


Choose a level of impact that is tailored to your budget

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