If you own a business or know someone who does, you can make a great difference in the lives of the men we serve. Opening the door of employment and giving a PEP graduate a second chance may be just the boost he needs as he starts transitioning back to the free world. PEP Graduates can have a positive impact on your business and your workplace; through participation in the Business Plan Competition, they all know how to set goals, take initiative, and achieve them. Many of our regular employers continue to hire other PEP graduates as they know they will make a difference by positively impacting their bottom line. There are more than 750 companies who have hired PEP graduates, many of whom have hired more than one graduate.

Employer Testimonials


“Building Products Plus considers the members of our team who joined us after graduating from the PEP program to be some of our most valuable assets.

It is my opinion that the rigor and scope of the training/coaching they received has greatly contributed to their character and potential. These men have proven to be focused, versatile and enthusiastic contributors who appreciate the opportunity they are given. PEP is a resource we expect to lean on in the future as our company grows.”


Dorian Benn,


Building Products Plus



“DFS has hired more than 60 PEP graduates over the past 6 years. The reason DFS has hired so many is that their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be successful in life makes them ideal employees for us. DFS is building a company that they said could not be built by people that society said could do no good. God must have a great sense of humor.”


Fred Fontana,

Owner and President

DFS Worldwide


There are also tax credits available from the IRS for hiring an ex-felon, and we would encourage you to review and consider if this might apply to your business.
By hiring a PEP graduate, you can allow a man to begin to provide for himself and his family again, restore his self-esteem and self-worth, create a positive economic benefit, and help us all to reduce the recidivism rate. If you would like to consider the possibilities and speak further with a staff member, please contact Timothy Daniels in our Houston office (tdaniels@pep.org) or Jason Moore in our Dallas office (jmoore@pep.org)