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Vision for the Future

The ecosystem at the East End Maker Hub (EEMH) will be another tremendous driver of transformation in our PEP graduates, allowing for increased successful reentry and long-term upward mobility. The Maker Hub is a segment of our strategic pivot and serves as another great piece of the puzzle in what we like to call: PEP Futures.

Strengthening the East End

Early estimates suggest that the EEMH will directly create over 400 jobs in the community, providing the area with long-term employment, business and retail opportunities. This will also provide PEP graduates with increased second-chance opportunities.

Supporting Local Businesses

Flexible and affordable leases on a sliding scale based on what individual founders can afford are among the ways that the Maker Hub aims to advance local innovation and manufacturing. The East End Maker Hub may well become home for other PEP startup businesses.

Providing Career Opportunities

Training in trade skills opens doors to middle-income jobs and is critical to increasing earning potential for many Texans—and that is especially true for graduates of PEP. The East End Maker Hub will provide job-skills training to PEP graduates, empowering a new future for second-chance entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike.

Here we go. Who’s ready to collide?

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