In 2021, PEP committed to the development of an innovative entrepreneurship experience in Houston. Branded as the PEP Collider, it will be the nation’s leading incubator and accelerator for returning citizens.  Housed at the 330,000 square foot East End Maker Hub, the PEP Collider is more than just a space.  It’s where PEP graduates will build bankable businesses integrating volunteer executive leaders with PEP entrepreneurs as catalysts for change.

PEP has already committed over $500,000 to the project, more than 50% of the forecasted development cost. We need your help to secure an additional $500,000 to complete the project this summer.  It’s an exciting opportunity to profoundly impact the lives of men as they transition from incarceration to innovation.

PEP graduates have an exceptionally low three-year recidivism rate of 8.3%.  More than 600 businesses have been launched by PEP graduates with multiple generating over $1 million in annual revenue. An amazing 100% of PEP graduates are employed within 90 days of release from prison.  In fact, PEP graduates average only 20 days from “prison to paycheck.”

And PEP’S executive leadership team are graduates of the program with over 50 years of combined incarceration.  They understand the mind of the inmate and the work it takes to rise out of incarceration and make a profound pivot in life to become a productive, independent member of society.