Vision | PEP Looking Glass

If you step up to the PEP Looking Glass, you’ll see a bright future reflecting off of a gleaming present. We have a track record of success and aggressive growth, but we’re not settling. We constantly evaluate our results and innovate to stay on the cutting-edge of prison rehabilitation solutions. Scale is always on our minds, but quality control is just as important.

We hosted our first class at the Carol Vance Unit, in Sugar Land, Texas, and our next six classes at the Hamilton Unit in Bryan, Texas. Major growth was in store for us in 2008, when we started working out of the Cleveland Correctional Center—a privately run facility in Cleveland, Texas. PEP obtained permission to move to Cleveland where we now operate exclusively, and we’re growing our program through statewide recruiting efforts at 60+ prisons in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

Although we are interested in expanding our program to influence more lives, we are not planning to expand our program beyond Texas in the near future. We’re working hard to refine our model and set the standard for success in Texas before considering other options. We have 170,000+ inmates to serve in Texas so we’re not short on growth opportunities at this time.

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The Future of PEP

At PEP we are always pressing toward the future. And in order to affect change, we must be bold in our efforts. Contact us to learn more about our growth plans and how you can help.